Welcome to ZainsGaming, an online channel dedicated to helping others through various means and brining people together through video games.

Join me on Twitch at twitch.tv/zainsgaming, where we can discuss various projects or just hang out. I also use my twitch channel to raise funds for these projects through raffles. Prizes for these raffles include video games or related items. Each raffle is related to a goal and the raffle ends when the goal is reached. Depending on the goal, the raffle could have free entry or entry through donations.

Congratulations to tjkendon and ThnAddHaley for being the winners of the first raffle.


Java Games Programming (Part 2)

I have been trying to keep up with the Java Games Programming tutorials and releasing one tutorial video a week. I am trying to distinguish these tutorials from the library of the other tutorials available on YouTube. <<Continue Reading>>

Java Games Programming

For a couple years I have wanted to create a series Java programming tutorials where the content is motivated by developing games. I know there are better platforms for developing video games, but the idea here is to focus on learning programming concepts and using video games as a theme/motivation for the exercises. <<Continue Reading>>


Resident Evil 7: A Terrifyingly Fun Experience

After over 7 years, I finally played a new Resident Evil game I enjoyed, Resident Evil 7. I can’t really make any comment that hasn’t been made before; the game goes back to its roots with survival horror instead of action, and the first person perspective is a significant change but it works really well. What I can comment on is my own experience playing the game. <<Continue Reading>>


Flipped Classroom

The Flipped Classroom is a structure that I have experienced twice as a TA; first for the ‘Introduction to Computer Science for Majors II’ (CPSC 233) course, and second for ‘Design & Analysis for Algorithms’ (CPSC 413). This structure is not limited to the tutorial but also involves the lectures. <<Continue Reading>>


Reminiscing About WoW

I got my first job back in October of 2004. I was a Shakerboarder for Little Caesars Pizza. My job was to stand by the sidewalk holding a sign to advertise the store. Boy, that was a fun winter, but that’s a story for another time. <<Continue Reading>>


Let’s Work Through Exercises Together

The “Let’s Work Through Exercises Together” is one of the more complicated tutorial types for the TA to handle. The idea behind these tutorials is that the students are presented with some exercise(s), and they work through the exercises as a group. <<Continue Reading>>


Welcome to the Wasteland!

Warning this article may contain spoilers for Fallout 4.

I usually stay a little behind games so that I can reduce the cost of my gaming habit. The downside of this is that spoilers are hard to avoid. I have been lucky with this game. The only things that were spoiled for me were; 1) You are supposed to be looking for your son, and 2) The vault tec salesman is still alive in the future. <<Continue Reading>>


CSGS Food Drive 2016

Last year I hosted my own competition along with the Computer Science Graduate Society’s (CSGS)annual food drive for the Student Union Food Bank. <<Continue Reading>>


New Games in my Library

For the last few months I have been craving a certain type of game. The type of game I am looking for would; 1) Not be pixel graphics, I just can’t get into that type of game style. 2) Have a great story (for example, Firewatch, which I played through a few weeks ago). 3) Not be too long or too short, preferably around the 15-20 hours range. Short games end too quickly, and long games require a lot of investment and I run the risk of loosing interest and not completing them. <<Continue Reading>>


20-30 Split

The first and most common of the tutorial types is the “20-30 Split”. This is where the tutorial is divided into two components; first is a 20 minute ‘TA-lecture’ followed by 30 minutes of working on exercises. <<Continue Reading>>


Fantastic Tutorials & Where To Find Them

I’ve been at the University of Calgary for over seven years as an undergraduate student, a M.Sc. student, and now a Ph.D. student. Over these seven years I have experienced various types of tutorials within the Computer Science department as both a student as well as the Teaching Assistant (TA). <<Continue Reading>>


An Old Memory

It has been a while since I have posted an article here, not counting the Firewatch Photo Album I posted earlier today. That post actually gave me the momentum to write this article. I can hide behind the ‘Writer’s Block’ excuse and claim that I had run out of ideas for article. <<Continue Reading>>